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Feb 16 '12

4kg: Prototype passes 1500 users on the Chrome Web Store

First 1000 users: 262 days

Next 500 users: 45 days

4kg: Prototype’s performance on the Chrome Web Store is accelerating! I am incredibly humbled and delighted with its performance.

Needless to say this news has really stirred a fire in my heart. There’s so little left to do, but yet so much. I will not release a game I’m unhappy with, but I grow happier with 4kg by the day. And I have some exciting things I can’t wait to show.

Thank you everyone for your support and patience. 4kg is only possible due to your interest.

PS- As for releasing Prototype 2 on the Chrome Web Store, I have decided my time is better spent actually working on the real game — if I were to release it, it would need to be fixed up a bit. Everyone who did play Prototype 2, know you’re a very special part of this project. :)

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Jan 5 '12

4kg: Prototype 2 provisions

The links for 4kg: Prototype 2 have been sent out. Here’s the down-low:

  • It has three levels; two from Submerged Powerplant and one from Hovertrain Depot
  • Last level does not have death for falling in place
  • Fall-through platforms still need work
  • Swimming animation is not implemented
  • Many items are not implemented
  • The second level is really only the last half of that particular level
  • Some enemy AI not finished

With that in mind, have fun. It can probably be beaten in less than five minutes, but I would estimate it’s only about 1/10 of the content. :)

As I said before, Prototype 2 will be released publicly later this month. So for the rest of you, you won’t have to wait long.

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Jan 2 '12

4kg: Prototype passes 1000 users on the Chrome Web Store

I am ecstatic to announce that 4kg: Prototype has more than 1000 active users on the Chrome Web Store! I was excited when it got 100 users!

4kg: Prototype 2 is still on track to be released this Wednesday, and because of today’s news I will also release it on the Chrome Web Store later this month.

This year is off to a great start! Hope you all had a great New Years.

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Dec 28 '11

Bad news and good news

I hate posts like these.

Bad News
The bad news is that 4kg will not make it out in 2011, making it broken promise #293029.

Good News
The good news is that I am sick of not having anything to show for my work. So I’m creating 4kg: Prototype 2 in order for you guys to get a further taste of 4kg, and hopefully get some more feedback.

However, Prototype 2 will not be a public release like the first. I will only make it available to the first five commenters on this blog.

4kg: Prototype 2 will contain another three levels, however these will not all be from the same world. They will be levels from the third and fourth worlds (Submerged Powerplant and Hovertrain Depot, respectively) as opposed to the original Prototype, which only contained levels from the first world (Machine Complex.) I’m unsure if Prototype 2 will contain the accompanying Virtual World levels, however they will have all the sprites and music that will be in those levels for the final version of 4kg.

If you want to play Prototype 2, please leave me your Twitter handle or some way to contact you, and what browser you use when you comment. Prototype 2 will be released a week from today, on Wednesday January 4.

The final version of 4kg will be released “when it’s ready.” My cutscene artist is in the middle of creating the cutscenes, and as you know most of the assets are already in place. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy Prototype 2.

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Dec 1 '11

Break Point

I know it may seem like I’ve forgotten this blog, and by extension 4kg, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of the things I’m working on can’t be shown before the game releases, or isn’t in a state I’m comfortable showing.

This is December, the last month of 2011. And I promise to you, 4kg will finally be released this month. 100%, full stop. There’s very little left to do in the context of everything else, but the last 10% is always the hardest, eh?

Don’t lose faith.

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Nov 1 '11

4kg: Prototype’s Performance in Chrome 15+

Update- This problem seems to be resolved as of November 16. Yay! Original post as follows:

It seems like the newer versions of Chrome have serious trouble running the first two levels of 4kg: Prototype. If you can make it to the third level, that one has no problems.

I’ve filed a bug report (please star it, it will get noticed and fixed quicker!) and alerted the necessary people, but who knows how long it will take to fix. I would love to update my game so it isn’t affected, but I don’t know what’s causing the performance drops.

Older versions of Chrome, and recent versions of Firefox, should still be able to play it fine. This is disheartening to say the least, as I’m working to release 4kg this month, any last minute performance issues could delay the release until who knows when.

I will have something to share with you soon, relating to the game’s story, and I’ll keep you all updated about this issue. Thanks for your understanding.


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Oct 17 '11

Interview by Steph K.

A few days ago Stephanie K. posted her interview with me on Destructoid, you should check it out!

Some parts some people here may be interested in:

How has it been trying to handle a project by yourself? 
It’s really tough to stay motivated. It’s easy to say, “Well I had a busy day, so I’ll work on it tomorrow instead.” If I had worked on 4kg every day it would be out by now, maybe even a year ago. Designing the game was a blast, and even coding and putting the sprites together. But just pushing through is a trial by fire. That’s why having a complete design doc is so important, it lets you basically check things off a list and have a sense of completion and achievement. 

Is there anything you wish you did differently? 
Besides not having it released already, I would probably say I wish I had chosen HTML5 to start with. In the beginning, 4kg was for Android, but I switched after my artists dropped out of the project. I could have gotten a good bit of work done if I had stayed on one platform, although who knows, maybe not. 

When can we expect to see 4kg's release? And is there anything else you would like to add? 
After nearly two whole years, 4kg will be released for free this November. Users of any modern browser should be able to play it, although the game is being specifically optimized for Google Chrome. I am thinking of making other versions, like for Facebook, Android, or iPhone, but I don’t know how long those could take, so I can’t commit to that right now. I hope you look forward to 4kg’s release, I know I am. I am actually a bit into designing my next game, which could be like something nobody’s ever seen before, so I’m excited to be able to finally move fully into developing that. 

And much more. :)

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Sep 27 '11


Just a short update, 4kg will be released in November. Even if I have to trim some things, it’s coming out.

Believe it.


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Aug 15 '11

Year One: Done!

It’s been a year since this blog’s first post! Woot!

And of course, 4kg still isn’t out yet. But it’s really close! (About 15% left, to be exact!) I can’t wait until I’m ready to share the conclusive, final release date with you all. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as me.

Thank you to everyone who has joined my journey over the past year, I wonder if I would have made it this far without you. Please don’t give up on me yet!


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Jul 30 '11

4kg Completion Update

Since the last completion update on July 15:

  • Programming has increased by 3%
  • Art has increased by 14%
  • Sounds has increased by 48%
  • Overall completion has increased by 13%

Wow, over 80%! I am almost completely floored by that. However, it may be a bit deceptive. Completion was about 74.4% before I finished off Sounds, which in all actuality was pretty easy but I was still putting it off nonetheless.

This is probably the last time there will be a “big” jump in completion between updates. From now on I would expect 3-7% increases overall from now on, as what remains is the really hard stuff I’ve been putting off. Well, some of the hard stuff I’ve been putting off — some of it I have conquered already.

This last 16% is basically what separates a really crappy, glitchy game from a good, fun, enjoyable one. Now is the time to buckle down and work on 4kg, more than any other.

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